Pizzica Awarded Ospitalita’ Italiana 2015

The destination is London the heart is in Salento

London and the young: a goal, a dream, a widespread reality. What do young people do when they arrive in the UK? And how do they live that embryonic detachment from the sun-kissed earth?
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La Pizzica History

Traditionally a dance from Puglia in Southern Italy, 'la pizzica' is upbeat, energetic and deeply rooted in this region's history, the fast movements mimicking the way poison was shaken from a tarantula bite, the so-called 'pizzica' or 'pinch'.


London helps companies to the South

 The path had been the canonical one, the future projects winked at a growing Salento, but her fortune found her far away, starting from scratch. And now he dreams of returning, carrying his own baggage built in years of hard work, but full of hope. Gianluca D'Aversa, from Lecce, graduated from Rimini in the Economics of Tourism, has lived in London for ten years where he owns a deli and a restaurant with the unmistakable name of Salentino: "La Pizzica". Together with his brothers, Rocco and Ivan, and the latter's girlfriend,

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